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Lehigh 150





so much fun!


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Senior Design Projects

Today was the last day of classes. As I stepped into the Packard lobby (one of the engineering buildings at Lehigh) I saw this showcase of amazing projects. The ECE department organizes this event each year on the last day of classes. In our senior year, which is the fourth year of college, students have to make a senior design project. Students usually work in groups of three and have an adviser for their project. Today when I looked at these projects that my seniors have come up with, I was amazed and shocked by what my seniors are capable of doing. It is remarkable how they come up with these fascinating projects, whereas just three years ago they were in my seat. It really gives me high hopes and restores my faith in the quality of education that Lehigh provides. I took some pictures, but really they do not describe what the projects really are and the modern day implication of them.

IMG_1571 IMG_1572 IMG_1574 IMG_1575

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Cricket Tournament!

Last Sunday was probably the most fun day for me. I am a cricket freak and when I heard about the cricket tournament, I was amazed. The Indian grad club and the Indian Student Association (ISA) came together to have some fun by playing cricket. it was not any serious tournament but just a mini-tournament with 6 teams with 6 people each. The teams were equally balanced  with some good player and some beginners. We also had free food and drinks which is always fun. There were many people and music, and while the two teams play, others will just hang around and have fun. I wish we could have cricket all year long, but the snow keep us from playing outdoors. However, we can still play indoors at the gym if enough people are interested. I strongly plan to open a cricket club next semester and it looks that it would be a great success.

IMG_1516 IMG_1517

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Music In The Front Lawn!

This past week the weather hes just been awesome. It is just the perfect weather, with the right amount of air, perfect amount of humidity, perfect everything. i would say it is a sin to stay inside in this beautiful weather. Just for this reason, the music bands at Lehigh decided to attract people out from the libraries and their dorms to enjoy the nice weather. On a pleasuring Thursday evening, the music bands set up speakers and everything in the UC front lawn, where people sit on the soft grass and feel the nature. The whole evening, different bands performed with the best music they could produce. It was just so relaxing to sit in the lawn and listen to the music, I wish everyone could have experienced that feeling. I enjoyed it even more since a band of my friends also played and really rocked. It is the best way to just release all the tension into the nature and fill yourself with enthusiasm and energy.

IMG_1454 IMG_1458 IMG_1459

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Cricket at Lehigh!

I have grown up playing cricket all my life in Pakistan. The cricket world cup just ended recently and my temptation for playing cricket here just rose to another level. It was a bit discouraging that no one seemed to know about cricket here which made me feel that i am missing something. However, the good news for all you cricket lovers out there, I finally got the chance play cricket here.

This past Sunday at International Bazaar, I met some Indian graduate students. Cricket has to come up while Indian and Pakistanis are talking to each other, since we are the biggest rivalry in the game. It turned out that they play cricket almost every weekend out in the space behind the FM library. I was so excited to finally find some cricket dudes. We played that evening and it was so fun to play after such a long time.

After playing that day, it was reassuring for me that there are enough people interested in cricket. I have decided to try to open up a cricket club. So we can actually fix times to play and who knows, maybe develop a good team to compete in competitions. Hopefully by next year, we would have a cricket club so that we can keep up with our passion for cricket. We could have live screening of good matches specially the T20 world cup coming next year. For now it is just an idea, but hopefully it works out. Till then, i would just play with my new friends over the weekends.

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De-Stress with Dogs

During the second round of our mid-terms, that is the 4 o clocks, when everyone was stressed out for the exams, Lehigh held many De-Stressing events around campus. These events are a good relaxing time and a study break to make us study more efficiently. One of these events was the “De-Stress with Dogs”. There was a little tent kind of set up in the U.C front lawn with some free food and drinks. People brought their dogs which were well trained and were used to crowds so they do not panic. Students are passing through the front lawn all the time and they stopped by, rubbed the dogs, got some photos, and just RELAXED. I personally am very scared of dogs, but this gave me a chance to become friends with them as they were very friendly and cute dogs.

It is amazing how Lehigh comes up with interesting techniques and many activities for students which I never even thought of. It is the greatest learning experience.

IMG_1334 IMG_1336 IMG_1338 IMG_1341

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International Bazaar!

On Sunday April 12th, Lehigh hosted its largest annual international event known as the international bazaar. As the name suggests, it was the opportunity for the international students and even domestic students, to come together and celebrate the diversity and enjoy different tastes. The atmosphere was crazy for all the 4 hours the event went on, it was from 12 pm to 4 pm. This event was open to public and many parents came to watch their children perform. There were many performances and dance and what not! The event was a big success.

The food available was amazing. Students from all over the world either cooked or bought the food they eat in their countries, thus no restaurant can offer the diversity of food that was available to in the bazaar: Turkish, Indian, Russian, Pakistani, African and so on. Various clubs also tabled at the bazaar and had some gifts and stuff. Honestly though, the atmosphere and the fun cannot be described in words.

I personally took part in the fashion show which was the last part of the event. Students from many different countries wore their cultural clothing and represented their country by waving the flag or showing some local dance etc. It is great pride to represent your country and celebrate the diversity! Here are some snaps I could captureL:

IMG_1348 IMG_1415 IMG_1418 IMG_1421 IMG_1439